Educational, Interactive, and Engaging!

Modified this year to encourage one-way travel, our Kids Adventure Maze is an excellent outdoor learning adventure for children of any age.

This interactive, self-guided tour is geared towards Pre-K through 4th grade. Structured to be engaging and to reinforce Washington State curriculum standards. Kids will encounter science trivia, story boxes, an obstacle course, Sunflower Loop where they will learn the parts and life cycle of the plant, travel the Pumpkin Patrol loop that reinforces colors, shapes and counting, and a Sound Garden where they can make their own music. Exit your journey through an educational (one-way) maze that includes farm-related trivia questions. Learn the answers to find your way out of the maze! 

Craven Farm is a real working farm and our pumpkin patch offers tons of kid-friendly, educational activities that are perfect for a school excursion day. Your class will have a memorable time and each child will take home a pumpkin to carve.


Due to COVID-19 concerns and State Guidelines, we will not be able to offer our traditional Story Time this year.

For reservations, call 360-568-2601 or email with your requested date and time


AVAILABLE: Weekdays during fall festival

cost: $8(+tax) per child, adults free

includes: tour pumpkin, cookie, ENTRANCE TO THE KIDS ADVenture maze

GROUP MINIMUM: 10 students


Where should my group meet?

Please have your group gather beyond the Pumpkin Wall, where the Silo and Wristband Booths are located. If you are coming for the Adventure Maze Field Trip, another meeting place is the Ford Truck near the Harvest Market.

I am the Group Leader. How can I make check-in easier?

Have your group arrive 15 minutes early to allow for parking, gathering, photos, and potty breaks. Please check in about 10 minutes prior to your start time to pay and receive Tour Stickers. Please bring money collected, placed in an envelope marked with: 1. Name of your group 2. Number of children in group 3. Amount of money in envelope

I am the Group Leader. What should I have my students bring?

1. Boots and appropriate Fall weather clothing that can get dirty. 2. A plastic grocery bag for each child with their name on it for carrying home their pumpkin.

Are there picnic facilities?

There are picnic facilities available for your convenience. Bring a picnic and spend the day exploring the farm! If you would like a covered, private area we do have Party Rooms for rent during the week.

Do siblings need to pay?

Yes, siblings are required to pay. Babies in carriers/strollers are no-charge, but will not receive a cookie or pumpkin.

Do you offer Field Trips on the weekends?

Field Trips are only available on weekdays.

Can we drop in for a Field Trip?

Reservations are required for Field Trips. This guarantees groups are spaced accordingly, so everyone has an enjoyable experience. Please call 425-322-4119 to reserve your date/time.

What else can my group do while visiting Craven Farm?

There is a lot to see and learn at Craven Farm • Visit the farm animals • I-Spy - how many items can you find? • Explore the farm, discovering the scenes with pumpkin heads • Explore the animal barn looking for educational plaques • Play on the pirate ship, tractor, and other toys in the play area • Bring a picnic and enjoy the peaceful setting • Explore the market area, reading about the different types of squash grown on the farm

What size group is required for a Field Trip?

Field Trip group size is a minimum of 10 students.

Do you have bus parking available?

Yes, we do have bus parking available.