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Here at Craven Farm, we don't do scary, we just do FUN!

All of the mazes at Craven Farm are designed to delight and engage family members of all ages.

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Venture into our corn maze with an Alice-in-Pumpkinland theme! Follow the "this-a-ways" and "that-a-ways" and see if you can find the three secret rooms. As you wind through the trails you will happen upon many photo ops where you can pause and take a picture before you venture on your way. Will you choose the Bunny Trail (shorter route) or the Wild Hare Loop that takes you through the full 15 acres of winding trails?


This is a non-scary adventure suitable for the whole family!


This widely popular maze is full of adventure proving to be great fun for kids and adults alike! Interactive and engaging, this trail is designed to delight!


 Meander through the corn to Storybook Lane where you will see your favorite storybooks turned into pumpkin-themed scenes. Crawl, climb, and jump your way through Obstacle Highway. Climb and jump on the tire critters in "Crittire Place". Travel Sunflower Loop to learn about the life cycle and parts of a plant. You'll learn some fun facts as well! Pre-K and Kinders will love the Pumpkin Patrol Patch where looking for shapes, colors and counting pumpkins will keep even the youngest engaged and having fun! Then test your farm knowledge in Maze Alley where every turn has a farm-related question. Answer correctly the first time to find your way out of the maze. Need to brush up on your agri-knowledge? No worries, you will not get lost in this maze, but may learn a few things along your adventure!

We want you to have a fun experience in our corn maze. You will be walking through miles of paths on a large farm! Please read the following rules and suggestions. They are meant to help your experience be a safe and fun one!


Maze Rules

  • ALLOW AN AVERAGE OF 90 MINUTES to complete the maze.  Please don't enter if you are in a hurry to be somewhere.  Relax & enjoy your adventure and always remember…there is a way out!

  • NO SMOKING in the maze or on the farm at any time!  Dry plant material could pose a fire hazard.

  • NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS, PROFANITY, or persons under the influence.  We reserve the right to remove anyone not behaving in an appropriate manner.

  • WEAR PROPER SHOES!  The paths are rough and bumpy, hiking shoes are the footwear of choice.  Open toed shoes are not recommended.

  • CHILDREN 12 AND UNDER must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  It's easy enough for adults to get lost, let alone young children.  We reserve the right to remove young children from the maze if not accompanied by an adult.

  • REFRAIN FROM RUNNING in the maze.  There are many sharp corners and running will likely cause a collision or other accidents!

  • PLEASE STAY ON THE PATHS!  Cutting through the corn damages the maze and ruins the fun for others.

  • NO PETS ARE ALLOWED in the maze or on the farm.  They could pose a threat to others or to our livestock.

  • FLASHLIGHTS are required for the night-time maze.  If you do not bring one, you must purchase one.

  • PLEASE DO NOT PICK, THROW, OR DAMAGE the corn.  You may eat the corn for survival purposes only! (However, it is feed corn!)

  • PLEASE KEEP THE MAZE CLEAN and use the trash cans provided.

  • HAVE FUN and be courteous to others!


Maze Suggestions
  • There are no restrooms inside the maze, so you may want to use them before entering.

  • If you get lost and need help, look for the "corn cops" to help you or as a last resort use your cell phone to call the number(s) provided and ask for a rescue party to be dispatched.

  • If you are a part of a larger group, break into smaller groups to see who can find their way out first.

We can't wait to make memories with you!

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