funnel cake tent

WHEN:   weekends 

A new farm favorite! Hand-dipped corn dogs, funnel cakes, cheese curds, and donuts! Need we say more?

Funnel Cakes

Cinnamon sugar

Powdered sugar

"The Craven" (pumpkin delight piled high with whipped cream)

From the Fryer

Cheese curds

Hand-dipped corn dogs

Pumpkin donut topped with cream cheese frosting

Cider donut (plain, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar)


Drip coffee



Bottled Water

espresso shop

WHEN:   weekends 

We have you covered for those cool, crisp fall mornings and warm afternoons! Serving locally roasted Vista Clara coffee and local award-winning Lattin's fresh cider.  You'll also find homemade cookies and our famous pumpkin-cider donuts, made fresh daily!


Coffee (hot or iced)

Local Fresh Pressed Cider (hot or cold)


Hot Chocolate

Italian Sodas

Coke, Sprite, Mountain Dew, Root Beer

Monster Drinks

Bottled Water

snack shack

WHEN:   weekends  

Did you work up an appetite while hiking the maze? Grab a bite to eat at the Snack Shack where there's something for everyone.

Pulled pork sandwich with slaw

Chowder in a bread bowl

Chili in a bread bowl

Chili Dog

Chili in a Frito Bag

Chili in a Bowl

Jumbo Hot Dog

Corn on the Cob (sells out fast!)

Pumpkin Pie

Apple with Caramel Dip


Drip Coffee, Cider, Soda, Water

  *vegetarian chili available


fresh popped kettle corn 

WHEN:  daily 

The perfect combination of sweet and salty, Craven Farm's secret recipe can only be found during our Fall Festival.

Popped fresh on the farm, it is available at the Kettle Corn Booth and the Cashier Stand. Get yours before it's gone!

Ingredients: corn, corn oil, salt, sugar

fresh homemade donuts

WHEN:   weekends 

No kidding ... people come from across the country for these donuts!

Made fresh on the weekends, grab them before they're gone! Sold at the Espresso Shop, Kettle Corn Booth, and Snack Shack.

Apple Cider Pumpkin with Cream Cheese Frosting

Cinnamon & Sugar 



HOMEMADE cookies!

WHEN:   daily  

A Craven Farm tradition. These freshly baked cookies, by local baker Darlene's Baked Goods, have been a farm favorite for over a decade.

You can find these tasty morsels in the Espresso Shop, Kettle Corn Booth, and the Cashier Stand. 

Make sure to grab a few extras when you check out, they freeze well!

treats in the gift shop

WHEN:   daily 

Whether it be sweet or salty ... or on the healthier side ... the Mouseville Gift Shop has what you're craving.

Sweet treats, flavored pumpkin seeds, toasted corn, caramel nugget puffs, pumpkin pie almonds and more.

You'll also find Craven Farm's highly coveted jams and jellies along with an impressive assortment of jarred foods, scone mixes, specialty pastas, soup & bread mixes, and more!



(360) 568-2601


(425) 322-4119

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