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After 39 years of farming, it is time for the passing of the torch at Craven Farm! 

Brian & Kimi Chadwick stepped into the wedding side of the farm in 2018 and now they will step in and walk beside Farmer Mark for the year of 2021 and learn how Pumpkin Patch is done!! In 2022 Farmer Brian will be taking over the tractor and  the planting of pumpkins, squash and corn and all the other extras. Chadwick will also be adding some of their own fun fall ideas in 2022.

Kimi has been running the Pumpkin Patch gift shop the past 2 years and Brian has been running the concessions.


The Chadwick's have two children Daphne, 8 and Adler 6. The kids are loving living at the farm and having free rein, running and playing as farm kids get to do!! You can be sure they will be in training to be future farmers. Farmer Mark and I love that the farming tradition will carry on!


Brian has a full-time job in aerospace and also runs the Chadwick FC (food concessions). Kimi has Chadwick Floral Design creating all kinds of event floral arrangements.


Judy retired in 2018 and is happily enjoying her time.  She has taken a quilting class, planting lots of new plants in her garden, time with great grand-girls, also got involved in volunteering and lots of catching up with dear friends. Retirement is a good thing!!!


Mark plans to keep active in the community being on the board of Snohomish Co-op, Snohomish & Washington State conservation district. His love for antique Halloween keeps him busy buying and selling all over the US. He produces an Antique Holiday show in Columbus, Ohio, which is a hit for collectors from all over the US.

As life moves on, we want to thank everyone that has been a part of “our puzzle of life”!! Each of you have been a “piece” of making our life complete and so very joyful. We hope that we have helped you make wonderful long-lasting memories, you certainly have made them for us!!

Chadwick’s focus will remain on building community through various agritourism events, new offerings and weddings. 


Be sure and come say good-bye in 2021 Pumpkin Patch as Farmer Mark finishes off his last year of running the patch and we can introduce you to Farmer Brian and Kimi Chadwick as they prepare to take the helm of Craven Farm in 2022!

Farmer Mark & Judy Craven


We can't wait to make memories with you!

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